DJCAD Design Thinking: Insights to Innovation

This was an intensive four weeks of working through a set design challenge in small groups using Design Thinking methodologies and principles.
Our brief was to "Make Dundee the first choice for tourists as the Covid-19 crisis eases"


We were encouraged to look into the future and imagine the impact our design would have. This mock-up newspaper was created using Photoshop.

mock up of a newspaper

Process Poster

Our first deliverable was a poster to show our team's design process. I based this on the Double Diamond model and created it using photoshop.

A poster showing our design process

Concept Poster

Our second deliverable was a concept poster to be presented back to the group showing our design idea and how it could be implemented. Created using Photoshop and Illustrator.

a poster showing our final concept

Design article

For our final outcome, we were tasked with interviewing a member of Dundee's design community and producing a journalistic article on the subject of co-design. My interview was with Peter Nurick who is the communities producer at V&A Dundee. This was produced using InDesign.

page 1 of my design article page 2 of my design article page 3 of my design article page 4 of my design article